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FIC: Later (1/1) (Obi Wan/Anakin) - Star Wars Slash
FIC: Later (1/1) (Obi Wan/Anakin)
Title: Later (1/1)
Author: Ande
Fandom: Star Wars
Time period: During the Clone Wars
Character(s)/Pairing: Obi Wan/Anakin
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own no one depicted in this fic, I just borrow them from time to time.
Notes: Unbetaed
Summary: Anakin looses focus.

There are things that should never happen, or so you've taught me.

That I have.

Personally, I think the teachings are outdated and overstated.

Such as?

Why should a person not have desires?

Because they lead to the Dark Side.

Why should a person ignore the yearning inside of him?

Because it makes the Dark Side more tempting.

Why should a person never love?


You have no answer to that, do you?

Oh, I have an answer, just not one I'm willing to share with you.

Why not, Master?

Because it will only encourage you.

Encourage me to love?


But what is so WRONG with that?

Mind your feelings, Padawan.

I'm tired of minding my feelings, Master!

Of course you are. Mind them nonetheless.

Fine. I'm breathing. Minding my feelings.

Oh, Anakin. You were never a good liar.

I shouldn't have to lie. I should be able to love y-

Anakin, we are not the only two in this mindmeld.

I... oh. Forgive me, Master.

I already have.

It will not happen again.

See that it doesn't. And Padawan?

Yes, Master?

We'll continue this later.

As you wish, Master.
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